I Found A Few Bed Bugs – Does That Mean I’m Dealing With An Infestation?

When most people spot a bed bug or two in the home, they simply just write it off. Unfortunately, this is the wrong way to approach the situation, as one single bed bug in the home could spell trouble. Most people think pests as tiny as the bed bug cannot do a lot of damage. However, you would be surprised at the mental and physical damage these little insects can do to you and every member of the household. Remember, this is true even when there is only one-bed bug detected inside your home. You could be dealing with a full-blown infestation and not even know it.

Why Few Bed Bugs Spell Trouble

It is entirely plausible, you picked up one or more bed bugs during your travels. Maybe a few bugs hitchhiked their way from your hotel room, to your luggage, and eventually, to your home. Maybe your neighbor experienced an infestation and a bed bug or two found their way over to your property. Whatever the case may be, this is a sign of trouble, as bed bugs are by no means, solitary creatures. They are extremely social, meaning they will colonize to infest your home and feed on your blood. The entire situation will turn from bad to worse, if the bed bug is female. Even worse, if the female bed bug is pregnant. Given the fact, the mature female can continuously and rapidly lay eggs, it makes everything all that more terrifying. It has been reported that a single female possesses the ability to lay as many as 500 eggs in her lifetime. Truly frightening numbers when you sit down and think about it. It is easy to estimate how long it has been since a bed bug last fed. Examining the insect’s abdomen will give you an idea if the bed bug has recently fed or is preparing to feed. A flat abdomen means the bed bug has not fed over the past few hours. Just spotting one bug in the home could mean it’s time to reach out to our Findlay bed bug experts. Combine quick wits with small bodies, measuring around 7 millimeters in length, bed bugs are more elusive than other parasites.

What Makes Bed Bugs Difficult To Spot?

When you think about the bed bug’s small size, you probably do not need any help understanding why they are so difficult to detect. Combine this with their quick-witted nature, and it just makes the situation all that much worse. They are as thin as a credit card and only 7 millimeters in total length, which makes them about the size of an apple seed. The one thing that does help is their reddish-brown bodies. This unique color helps them stand out in the background. It doesn’t help that they are willing to adapt to your sleeping habits just to avoid detection. They’ll feed when you are sleeping. They also like to be near their host so they don’t have to travel far to feed. This is just another thing that makes them undetectable.

Make Sure You Are Deal With Bed Bugs

Just because you wake up the next morning or in the middle of the night with itchy bite marks on your body, does not necessarily mean you are dealing with bed bugs. You could have fleas. Do you have pets? It’s always best to confirm that you are dealing with bed bugs before assuming anything. Identifying bed bugs and bed bug infestation are never as easy as they may at first appear. The best way to determine if you are dealing with a bed bug is by procuring a sample of the bug. If you do happen to procure a bug, you should know that bed bugs are anywhere from 7 to 10 millimeters in length with six legs, and small segmented antennas. They look similar in size, shape, and appearance to cockroaches, nymphs, carpet beetles, and fleas.

Symptoms Of An Infestation

The best way to know you are dealing with an infestation is by learning to spot the early warning signs. Here are some signs and symptoms that might help you determine if you are dealing with bed bugs or not:
  • Blood Stains – Look for red stains on your bedding, which could mean you inadvertently rolled over and killed a bug while he or she was feeding during the night.
  • Exoskeletons – Bed bugs do shed, similar to that of snakes. These pieces of skin will be delicate, molted, and near-translucent. They’ll look just like a bed bug, except for the color.
  • Eggs/Egg Casings – These items might be only the size of a pinpoint, but they can be detected.
  • Fecal Matter – No one wants to find fecal matter in their bed, but this could be a surefire indication your home is infested with bed bugs. This material will be black similar to that of ink spots or blots.
  • Bite Marks – Bite marks on the hands, feet, neck, and face could be an indication you are dealing with a bed bug infestation.
  • Musty, Sweet Odors – Bed bugs secrete this unpleasant, moldy smell via their glands.

Searching For Bed Bugs

Most people don’t want to call in the pros when it comes to bed bugs, which is the wrong move, but completely understandable. Bed bug treatment can be expensive and there are tons of DIY options available. This doesn’t mean they are effective or will even work in your specific situation, but some could be worth a try. If you want to start on your adventure, you’ll start by moving the bed away from the walls. Next, strip all the bedding, pillowcases, sheets, and box springs from the bed. Fold them inside out and look for bed bugs, exoskeletons, fecal matter, and any other potential signs of an infestation. Go over all the joints in your mattress and bed frame with extreme caution and precision. You might even have to disassemble some bed frames, but if it indicates an infestation, it’ll be well worth it. Just remember that bed bugs don’t just hide in the bed, despite their name. They also get into electrical outlets, behind baseboards, in nightstands, and even in wall décor. These are also spots you’ll want to check. You’ll have to pore over the areas with a careful eye, as these critters are as thin as a credit card and only 7 to 10 millimeters in length.

Turn To The Findlay, Ohio Pros

There are a few things that one can do like washing their bedding in the hottest water possible and then drying them in the hottest heat possible, but spotting a bed bug likely means it time to turn to the pros. Give their nature and small size, it’s unlikely you’ll spot and eliminate every bug in the home. It only takes on scurrying off and reproducing to leave you dealing with another infestation. Performing a search is a good way to start, as it’ll help the professional determine whether or not you are dealing with an infestation. However, they’ll still likely want to conduct their analysis and assessment.

We Can Help You Identify Your Bed Bug Problem!

Our qualified pest control experts can and will help you identify the insects infiltrating your home. Request a free bed bug inspection and consultation at your earliest convenience.

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