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Box Elder Bugs

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Many people in Ohio have encountered boxelder bugs. However, a lot of locals may not have realized what they were dealing with. These small, black pests have flat wings with unique red markings. In general, adult boxelder bugs will measure half an inch. When living outside, box elder bugs will feed on many trees, including box elder trees, cherry trees, maple trees, and ash trees.

Why You Have Box Elder Bugs

Box elder bugs are going to invade your home because they’re members of the overwintering category. These pests do not like being stuck outside in cold weather. They cannot tolerate the frigid temperatures, snow, and frost. As a result, they’ll try to enter your home through small cracks, holes, and gaps. They will leave when it gets hot but you’ll have to put up with them until the temperatures rise.

Box Elder Bugs & Health Concerns

Although the box elder bug’s presence is concerning, they’re not dangerous. They do not pose any serious health risks to you or your loved ones. In addition to this, they shouldn’t destroy your furniture or damage your home.

Clearing Box Elder Bugs From Your Home

The box elder bug treatment process is complicated and time-consuming. Unless everything is done by the book, there is a risk that it’ll create health hazards. There is always a risk that these techniques are going to be used incorrectly so this will reduce their effectiveness. Do-it-yourself methods are less effective than professional solutions. If you’re striving to find the most reliable methods, call us. Our technicians know how to properly use natural methods to wipe out your box elder bug infestation.

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Preventing Box Elder Bugs From Entering Your Home

Box elder bugs are widespread throughout Ohio and several other states. To prevent them from entering your home, fill any gaps or gaps on your exterior walls. Doing so will shut off their entry routes and stop them from invading your dwelling.

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