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Conventional Treatment

Conventional TreatmentIt doesn’t take a genius to understand, it’s easier to treat a mild pest problem than a full-blown infestation.  A confined bed bug infestation is easier to eradicate than a widespread bed bug infestation. Why make things more difficult for yourself? Mild and more confined bed bug infestation can be effectively treated with a conventional pesticide.

Pesticides have been the subject of many research studies. So, there is enough evidence to safely say conventional pesticides are effective in treating mild bed bug infestation. However, it has also been proven that as effective as pesticides are, they usually require multiple visits. This is the case, even in milder and more confined pest infestation. The use of pesticides usually requires at least two visits, with considerable time between each visit.

When utilizing conventional pest control products to treat both infested residential and commercial establishments, our Findlay pest management professionals heed a standard protocol. Our conventional pest control includes the following:

  • Initial Visit – The lead exterminator conducts a visual inspection of the impacted home, followed by one-on-one consultation with the client
  • Second Visit – The lead exterminator implements the pesticide treatment plan
  • Third “Follow-Up” Visit – The head exterminator conducts a post-treatment inspection. A secondary pesticide treatment will be initiated if signs of an infestation are still present

If no signs of pests are detected during the post-treatment inspection, the exterminator will sit down with the customer to devise a prevention strategy.

Generally, each pesticide treatment is separated by several weeks. We believe the 2-week separation gives the pesticide enough time to do what it is supposed to. It also allows enough time between each treatment for any lingering bed bug eggs to hatch.

With so many pesticide brands and formulas available in the American market, Findlay consumers have endless options to choose from. Conventional pesticides are available over the counter at most big-box, home & garden, and retail stores.

However, over-the-counter pest control products are not always the best option. These formulas are extremely hazardous when administered by unskilled consumers. We believe, it is best to leave the application of pesticides to licensed exterminators and certified pest control technicians. Our technicians have obtained certifications in pest control to buy, handle, and dispose of chemical pesticides.

Whether applying them in a closed or open environment, we have the tools, knowledge, and know-how to safely utilize these chemicals to treat bed bugs.

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