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Heat Treatment

You do any research, speak to any professional, poll any victims, and they will all have unique stories to tell. Regardless of who you ask, you will hear the same description over and over again.  This description will be bed bugs are extremely resilient and dedicated to their species.

With the right pest control tools, skills, and knowledge, you can battle and defeat a colony of bed bugs with little to no effort. Along with the knowledge you need, we offer a diverse range of specialized bed bug extermination solutions, including heat treatment. Want to know more before deciding if our state-of-the-art heat treatment is right for you? That’s what we’d suggest and here’s what you need to know about our Findlay bed bug experts.

How Does Heat Kill Bed Bugs?

Bed bug heat treatment works just like you think it does, delivering a high-temperature heat to ensure maximum results. Hence the term “heat?”  It simply involves raising the ambient temperature to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and above. This is how our professional bed bug heat treatment works. Of course, it is a bit more in-depth than just creating an unbearable environment for bed bugs. Our qualified exterminators bring in specialized equipment, capable of raising the ambient temperature to at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit. When exposed to these levels of heat for 90 minutes or more, bed bugs will dehydrate and die.

In addition to this, heat treatment is an eco-friendly bed bug extermination strategy, as it does not utilize harmful chemicals like some pesticide and insecticide formulas. It does not matter if the bed bugs are hiding behind baseboards, or inside photo frames, books, and electronics, temperatures of 140 degrees Fahrenheit or higher will start working within the first 15 minutes of exposure. Since bed bugs are known to hide in cracks and crevices, our professional-grade heat treatment is guaranteed to work efficiently and effectively.

Does Heat Penetrate Wood, Fabric, And Plastic?

Yes, which is why it makes one of the most effective bed bug treatments in today’s pest control market. Heat can penetrate walls, ceilings, furniture, floors, and other structural components that make up your home. In the long run, the outcome will be more desirable, as compared to chemical pesticides.

An effective bed bug solution, our heat treatment in a nutshell. In addition to our professional heat treatment, routine visual inspections are utilized to determine the impact each step of the way.

The key to effective heat treatment is, obtaining 140 degrees Fahrenheit within a specific area. To do this, we utilize large heaters to generate heat and thermometers to monitor the temperature until it reaches the desired level.

Flex duct is utilized to deliver the heat throughout the bed bug-infested home. The process is initiated with a visual inspection to determine which rooms are infested. With this data, we can direct the heat more efficiently, while protecting the surrounding areas by sealing them off.

Evacuation Of The Property

While there are many great benefits of bed bug heat treatment, there are downsides as well. One specific downside that comes to mind is evacuation. The residents of the home must evacuate prior to each heat treatment and remain out of the home for several hours after the process is complete.

Prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures can be dangerous. This is why it is best to schedule the treatment on a day you plan to be out of the home. Our exterminators can complete the treatment while you are at work and your children are in school. Our goal is to make the process as convenient for you and your family as possible.

We highly suggest removing heat-sensitive items out of the home prior to the scheduled appointment. Pets, houseplants, heirlooms, and some pieces of furniture should be removed in advance of the exterminator’s arrival.

In addition to this, we are always more than willing to work with our customers. If you need our tech out at the property on the weekend or after work hours? We are more than willing to accommodate. We know Findlay, OH life is hectic, and we are more than willing to work around your hectic schedule.

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