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Carpenter Bees

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All Findlay residents are going to encounter stinging insects at some point. However, it is vital to understand that some stinging insects are more common than others. Carpenter bees are frequent problems in our area. They’re a solitary species of bee that can range in size from half an inch to one inch and a half. Females are fully black while males are black and orange. They look similar to bumblebees, but their abdomens are not hairy. Instead, the carpenter bee’s abdomen will be shiny and black.

Why Are Carpenter Bees In Your Home?

Carpenter bees often invade homes because they’re attracted to untreated wood surfaces. You may have a porch on your property. If that porch has unpainted or unstained softwood, it is going to attract carpenter bees. These pests will attempt to build nests by burrowing into the wood. They discard the wood and use the small hole to raise their young. Unfortunately, breeding carpenter bees will return to your property each year. Therefore, the problem won’t disappear on its own.

Carpenter Bee Dangers

Since carpenter bees are stinging insects, you’re likely worried that you’re going to get stung. It could happen. However, you can rest assured knowing that they’re not as dangerous as you might believe. Male carpenter bees cannot sting since they do not have a stinger. They can be aggressive so they’ll get close and try to run you away. Female carpenter bees have stringers, but they rarely attack anyone. If you are stung by a carpenter bee, there is a risk that you’ll be injected with venom. Another concern is that woodpeckers are going to come because they’re attracted to carpenter bee larvae. You’ll likely need to worry more about your property than your health.

Eradicating Carpenter Bee Infestations

Removing a carpenter bee infestation isn’t easy since they have intricate tunnels. To prevent another infestation, you’ll have to treat all tunnels. Sadly, this is easier said than done. Working with us is a surefire way to wipe out the carpenter bee infestation swiftly.

Removing Carpenter Bees On Your Own

Although there are effective DIY methods, we cannot recommend them. The problem is that you’re going to expose yourself to serious dangers. First, you have to worry about spraying the nest and getting stung. Once carpenter bees have been sprayed, they’re going to come after you. You’ll also have to worry about the health hazards linked to pesticides.

Safe Carpenter Bee Exterminations

Our exterminators always put the client’s safety first. We don’t want to use any products or methods that could pose risks. We don’t want to hurt yourself, you, or your pets. Therefore, our technicians are trained to use products checked by and registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. Since we use these products, we know we can keep you safe.

Avoiding Carpenter Bee Problems In The Future

If you want to avoid potential carpenter bee infestations, properly treat the wood around your home. If you’re using softwood, make sure it is painted or stained. You can also switch to hardwood. Although it’ll take time and patience, it’ll prove to be worth it in the long run. Contact us to receive more tips for protecting your home from carpenter bees.

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