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Carpenter Ants

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Professional Carpenter Ant Pest Control Findlay OH

Ohio residents are very familiar with the ant species. One of the biggest species of ants is the carpenter ant. The term “carpenter” was chosen because the insect is continuously building and maintaining. It takes great skill to be a worker carpenter ant. When the queen reproduces, it is like she knows what each egg will before it matures into an adult. It is crucial for the colony’s survival that the queen continues to reproduce eggs for each member group – soldier, worker, drone, winged swarmer, and wingless swarmer.

The queen is not only the most dominant force in the colony, she is also the largest, measuring around 5/8 inches long. The worker, on the other hand, grows up to 0.5 inches (1.27 centimeters) in length.

How Do I Know If Carpenters Ants Are Invading My Home?

It sounds simple, but sometimes, homeowners do not know the difference between carpenter ant infiltration and carpenter ant infestation. Just imagine, there are only a handful of carpenter ants detected inside your home. This handful means that infiltration of carpenter ants has taken place at some point. Now, if there are hundreds of carpenter ants invading your home, then you are dealing with a full-blown infestation. Since the carpenter ant species colonize, the risk of a full-blown infestation runs extremely high.

  • Visual Sightings – Large reddish/black, black, and brown insects with tri-segmented bodies and three sets of elbowed legs are signs of an infiltration
  • Fecal Droppings And Exoskeletons – Fecal material and exoskeletons in nesting areas. An exoskeleton is a hard shell-like material that adds a layer of protection to the ant’s body. When the insects molt, they will oftentimes shed their exoskeletons.
  • Nests – Nests constructed from “frass,” or wood shavings leftover from gnawing. Carpenter ants rarely build their nests indoors. Carpenter ant nests are a sign of a full-blown infestation
  • Swarming Insects – A swarm of winged swarmers hovering over food-contaminated surfaces

Why Did Carpenter Ants Choose My House?

Let’s start off by saying, carpenter ants do not discriminate between homes or businesses. In fact, all homes and businesses are on the carpenter ant’s radar. Whether your establishment is single- or multi-story, it is on the carpenter ant colony’s radar. Just know, we have a few suggestions that can remove your home from the insect’s radar. First, and foremost, we recommend repairing and updating the structural components that make up your home. Door and window frames, air conditioning ducts, crawlspace and basement vents, garage door seals, entrance door thresholds, and openings around plumbing pipes.

Do Carpenter Ants Pose A Health Risk To My Family?

Carpenter ants have been linked to foodborne illnesses – salmonella, Shigella, and E. coli. These conditions are caused by contaminated food and water sources. The prevention begins with an updated non-perishable or non-refrigerated food storage system. If your existing storage utilizes manufacturing packaging directly from the local supermarket, you should know, it is vulnerable to carpenter ant-borne illnesses.

What Steps Should I Take To Eradicate Carpenter Ants In My Dining Room?

Dining rooms are notorious for carpenter ant infiltration. Carpenter ants have one thing in mind when they invade homes. The only thing on the insect’s mind is food. It is unfortunate for carpenter ants when their natural habitats can no longer provide them with the essentials of survival. When this happens, the insects have no other option, but to DO look elsewhere for food. It does not help, when the queen continues to reproduce, resulting in more carpenter ant mounts to feed.

Our professional carpenter ant management is the key to carpenter ant extermination. Our industrial-strength, EPA-approved pesticides are designed to deliver 100 percent effectiveness in the shortest amount of extermination visits.

Can I Try DIY Extermination Methods Before Calling A Profession?

You can, but know, the clock is ticking. As you are putting the over-the-counter pest control products to the test, the queen continues to reproduce. As the colony population continues to grow, carpenter ants will continue infiltrating your home. Before you know it, your entire dining room, kitchen, and bathroom will be infested.

OTC pesticides are low-strength formulas no suitable for full-blown carpenter ant infestation.

How Can I Schedule An Appointment For A Residential Carpenter Ant Inspection In Findlay?

Findlay consumers can contact our local office via email or landline. Our customer support department is in full operation, waiting on your call. We will set up the appointment to fit your personal/professional schedule.

During peak carpenter ant season, our pest control service request process takes up to 48 hours or longer to complete. In the off-season, we can generally process a service request within 24 and 48 hours.

Does Professional Carpenter Ant Pesticide Contain Environmental Unfriendly Ingredients?

Some pesticide formulas do contain chemicals that pose human and animal health risks, as well as environmental risks. We have been working with Ohio’s top manufacturers of pesticides to find ways to minimize exposure risks. By prohibiting the use of chemical pesticides in occupied homes, we can protect our customers and their families and pets throughout the treatment process.

What Can I Do To Protect My Home From A Repeat Carpenter Ant Infiltration?

We suggest starting by sealing all entry points utilized by carpenter ants to access your home. Utilize a waterproof sealant to fill gaps, cracks, and holes. Larger openings, like utility passages, should be closed with a sheet of metal or wood.

Be sure to take advantage of our free carpenter ant consultation and inspection via appointment only.

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