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You Have Found The Most Reliable Top Pest Control Findlay OH!

You Have Found The Most Reliable Top Pest Control Findlay OH!

Choosing The Most Professional And Friendliest Pest Control Findlay Ohio Company

If you are located in Findlay or the surrounding areas there is a good chance that you have heard about the recent resurgence of bed bugs. Heck, bed bugs are making a come back in a big way across the United States, but that is beside the point. What you need to know is that they are here and they are here to stay. While there are tons of DIY bed bug treatment options available to you, it is always in your best interest to turn to a professional bed bug removal company. That being said, choosing that professional company isn’t just as simple as opening the phone book and picking the first company that you come across.

Properly Licensed And Insured

Whatever the situation is, there is no disputing the fact that you are going to have tons of pest control experts to choose from in the greater Findlay area. And, a lot of these companies will be more than capable of handling the job with professionalism. However, there are none of them that are willing to offer what we are. This is why we want to take the time to explain what makes us better. It first starts with a license and insurance. To legally offer bed bug inspection services in the Findlay area, a company must be licensed, certified, and insured. Taking the time to make sure the company is will only be in your best interest.

We want our customers to know that we are not only licensed and certified, but we carry specific insurance policies that will protect them in a variety of practical situations. Accidents can always happen, regardless of how careful you are. Our company carries error and omissions insurance, which will protect our customers in the event that something comes wrong. We also carry liability insurance as well as workers comp. Simply put, if something goes wrong on the job, you never have to worry about getting sued or paying an extra dime.

Upfront And Honest Quotes

Speaking of paying extra money, there are some pest control specialist companies in the Findlay area that operate under unscrupulous methods. You will call them up to get a quote and when the job is done you will end up holding a bill that is nearly double or triple of what you were expecting. This is something that our company does not believe in and we do not operate under these premises. When you call us with a problem we will dispatch out a qualified inspector just to make sure that you are, in fact, dealing with bed bugs. Once we show you undeniable proof of the infestation we will give you a written quote. This written quote guarantees you that when the job is done you will not pay a dime more than you were quoted.

Free Inspections

Another thing to consider is the inspection. Some companies might just quote you a price right over the phone. Unfortunately, if you come across a company that operates under these premises there is a good chance that you are getting run through the wringer. Just because you are waking up in the middle of the night with bite marks it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are dealing with bed bugs. It could be fleas, it could be another parasite, or it could be something else entirely. Whatever the situation is, our techs use the latest industry technology to provide you with undeniable proof of the infestation.

From this point, our inspection will sit down with you and your family and help you devise a treatment plan that will be the most effective for your situation. Not every treatment is viable for every situation, but we will find one that works for you.

Eco-Friendly And Versatile Options

There is no denying that technology is changing things, even in the bed bug industry. There are now tons of different types of treatments available for dealing with bed bugs. Our company believes in taking advantage of this technology and using it to provide you with the most effective and efficient treatments possible. As was mentioned above, not all treatments will work for every situation. And, this is why we have a whole slew of treatment options available in our tool belt, including eco-friendly options. Whether you have pets or kids in the home or just simply want to go green, we have a bed bug treatment that will suit your specific needs.

We Offer Warranties And Guarantees

There isn’t much in life that is guaranteed anymore. This is especially true when you are buying products or paying for a service. This is just another one of the many things that make us different. We offer all of our customers guarantees and warranties. In the event that you are not happy with the job that we have done or if the infestation isn’t completely eradicated, you don’t have to lose a night’s sleep because we will be contractually obligated to rectify the situation. Every job that we do comes back with warranties as well as a customer satisfaction guarantee.

Affordable Treatment Plans

Technology offers us many great things in the bed bug industry, but it has also increased the prices dramatically. We understand that times are tough and it can be hard to dole thousands of dollars for treatments. This is why we do what we can to offer our customers the most affordable prices possible. Check our website and you will see that we offer new customers discounts. Not only this, but we are willing to offer financing as well as other payment plans for the right individuals. The most important thing for us is ensuring that you and your family are insect free. And, we are willing to do everything within our power to make sure that happens.


Services We Offer

You can choose from an array of pest control companies in Findlay Ohio but not all companies are equal. To ensure that you’re going to rid your home or business of bedbugs and other problematic pests, you’ll need to choose the best pest control company. We offer effective pest solutions and termite control so we can fix your problem rapidly. We are family owned and operated out of Findlay Ohio so we’re going to treat you with the utmost respect.

Whether you’re dealing with an infestation at home or in a commercial and industrial setting, you’ll want to contact us. Our pest management and extermination services will eliminate the problem so your business won’t miss a beat.

We Get Rid Of Termites

If you’re dealing with termites, you cannot wait too long. Our family owned company can tell you from experience that the bugs are going to ruin your home or business. Our Findlay Ohio commercial pest control experts can help. Once you’ve spotted the most common signs of termite infestations, you’ll want to find a solution immediately. We also offer pest inspections so we can help you determine what pest you’re dealing with before finding a solution to the problem.

We work hard to ensure that we have the lowest pest control cost in Findlay Ohio. We’re locally owned and operated and understand that cost guides many consumers. We offer cost effective and integrated pest management that meets all budget requirements.

Safe Solutions You Deserve

Ultimately, Findlay Ohio is home to a whole host of pests including bedbugs, nuisance wildlife, and bees. While you’ll want to get rid of bed bugs quickly, you don’t want to create additional problems or issues for others. Our wildlife removal solutions are safe, effective, and affordable.  With our heat treatments, we can eliminate bed bug infestations quicker than the competition. We also offer safe solutions for bee removal, weed control, and pest management.

Anyone looking for exterminators near Findlay Ohio should contact our local office. We family owned and operated business will find a solution that works exceptionally well for you. We cater to your unique needs so the problem can be solved on your terms.


Other Reasons We Are Preferred

You can clearly see that we are willing to go the extra mile for our Findlay customers. However, if you are still not convinced that we are the premier bed bug and pest removal company in the area here are a few other reasons as to why you might want to contact us for your pest removal needs.

  • Our techs are screened upon initial employment
  • Our techs are randomly tested during employment
  • We require continuing education and training
  • We are locally based
  • We are a family owned and operated company
  • 24/7 and emergency services available
  • Willing to work around you and your schedule
  • Check out our BBB rating
  • Offering referrals and access to customer testimonials



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