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Eco-Friendly Treatments

New state-of-the-art technology is changing the Ohio pest control market. Before 1940, American consumers relied on the now vintage sprayer with conventional chemicals to eradicate pests. The first modern synthetic pesticide, Dichloro Diphenyl Trichloroethane “DDT”, was developed in 1940. The first known DDT applications were civilian and military to combat flea-borne typhus and mosquito-borne malaria.

Many people cannot think of a time when modern pest control technology was not around. As mentioned previously, pesticides have not been around forever. Fortunately, pest control continues to evolve. While pesticides are still utilized in modern homes, they have lost their glamour. Today, consumers are turning to more intuitive eco-friendly pest control treatments, such as:

Safer For Children And Pets: Go Green!

Children living in a pest-infested home is concerning. When you are faced with the decision of which pest control treatment is more suitable for your situation, you will be met with impossible roadblocks. Our pest control experts are fully qualified to educate you and your family about modern pest control.

If your goal is to protect the environment while getting unruly insects out of your home, eco-friendly pest control is the answer. a safe environment. Chemicals found in conventional pest control products have environmental risks. While these applications are extremely effective and have been proven effective over the years, they pose some danger to the environment. This especially applies to cases, where chemicals and pesticides are applied in a closed environment, like a home.

Our Findlay pest management professionals are continuously searching for greener options. We have recently added new eco-friendly treatmentsheat, conventional, cryonite, steam, adhesive traps, and organic pesticides – to our arsenal. What’s even more impressive is, these treatment options are more effective and cost-effective than some conventional measurements. Combine this with the peace of mind you’ll get when utilizing eco-friendly treatments, your experience will be like no other.

Our Eco-Friendly Solutions

While there is a broad range of green pest management solutions available, not all of them are created equal. We highly suggest a comparison of two of your favorite eco-friendly pest control options. Compare pricing, effectiveness, and accessibility.

30-Day Follow-Up Visits

With our eco-friendly pest management, we always schedule a 30-day follow-up visit. During the follow-up, our certified technicians will inspect the impacted home to determine the effectiveness of the pest control strategy.

If signs of a pest infestation are still present, we will alter the treatment to aim for a better outcome. Fortunately, this rarely happens, thanks to decades of combined experience among our Findlay exterminators.

Why Hire Us!

We are a locally owned and operated Findlay pest control company. We only hire exterminators who are licensed with the State of Ohio. Our motto is to safely remove all pests – bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, termites, earwigs, beetles, stinkbugs, ladybugs, and box elder bugs – from commercial and residential establishments.

  • Our pest control company is bonded, licensed, and insured
  • Our employees are randomly drug tests
  • We hold annual pesticide safety training courses
  • Our pricing is fair and competitive
  • We service all Findlay neighborhoods

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