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Professional Ant Pest Control Findlay OH

The ant is a Formicidae insect, with strong mandibles, three sets of elbow-shaped legs, two tiny antennas, and a segmented body held together by joints. What sets the ant apart from other stinging insects is its metapleural gland, an organ that secretes a pyridine-based secretion. The ant utilizes the exocrine secretion to fight against bacterial infections.

There are thousands of Formicidae species, all of which colonize to avoid extinction. The ant colony consists of the most important reproductive member, the queen. The ant queen is the only member of the colony that reproduces. She mates with male drones to build the colony population larger.

Why Are Ants Invading My Outdoor Kitchen?

Some American homes have outdoor patios with kitchens that are designed similarly to the traditional kitchen. Outdoor kitchen patios are extremely convenient when hosting get-togethers with family and friends. While convenient, outdoor kitchens are a target for various insect species, including the ant. Worker ants are working nonstop to gather food for the colony. As the colony’s population continues to grow, the worker ants are forced to dedicate more time to food-foraging. To make matters worse, when the colony is surrounded by one or more enemy ant colonies, food will sometimes become scarce. At this point, worker ants are forced out of the safety of their natural habitats, into human habitats.

Outdoor kitchens are harbors for ants. There is no filtration in this case since the kitchen is situated on the exterior of the home.

Will Ants Contaminate My Food Supply?

Yes, but only if the food is stored in vulnerable conditions, such as manufacturing paperboard and improperly sealed plastic containers. Ant extermination becomes more complicated when it involves a home, humans, and rooms where food is prepared and served. Not only are there concerns for chemical pesticide exposure, but also foodborne illness. Ants have been associated with illnesses following contamination of food sources.

While ants, excluding carpenter ants, are between 1 and 2.2 millimeters, they have been known to cause severe illnesses related to food contamination. The insects drop their feces along paths traveled to and from the underground tunnel entrance. The contaminated droppings can also end up in the home’s non-perishable food supply.

How Do I Exterminate An Ant Infestation Without Compromising My Family’s Health?

We highly suggest our professional ant management, which combines eco-friendly or chemical-based pesticides with inspections and glue traps. When our pest control company is hired to oversee a residential ant infiltration, our customer support team dispatches an exterminator out to the client’s home. The exterminator initiates a visual inspection of the ant-infested home, starting with the problem areas, such as the outdoor kitchen area.

Will It Complicate My Case If I Try DIY Pesticides Before Calling An Exterminator?

It can, in some cases, depending on the severity and duration of the infiltration. It cannot be stressed enough, the queen ant is continuously reproducing. As you are waiting on the over-the-counter pesticides to start working, the queen is laying eggs, eggs are hatching, and larvae are maturing.

DIY control may be effective in mild ant infiltration cases. But, these low potency pest control products will have little to no impact on full-blown ant infestation.

How Will I Know When To Schedule An Appointment For The Ant Inspection?

A customer support representative will process your inspection service request within the first 48 hours. Your case will be handed over to one of our pest control experts. We believe one-on-one experience in the pest control industry is an effective approach. More so than, transitioning from one exterminator to another with each visit.

Does The EPA Oversee Pesticide Production And Sales In Ohio?

Yes, the Environmental Protection Agency “EPA” is responsible for the sale and production of all pesticide brands in the United States. We have been partnering with Ohio’s top pesticide manufacturers for decades.

EPA pesticide guidelines require all manufacturers to see approval for their pesticides prior to them entering the market.

How Can I Keep Ants Out Of My Home From Here On Out?

By repairing and updating the structural components responsible for keeping insects in their natural habitat and out of your home. We suggest a full visual inspection of each component to ensure they are in good working condition. All vulnerabilities, such as damaged air duct seals, make the ideal ant entry point into residential and commercial establishments.

Our Findlay pest control experts are fully prepared to take on minor and severe ant infestations. Whether the interior, exterior, or both interior and exterior of your home is infiltrated with ants, we can help. Remember, our standard ant management protocol combines industrial-strength pesticides with adhesive traps to deliver the best outcome.

Our pricing is fair and competitive with Ohio’s top extermination companies and contractors. We understand professional pest control services are an additional expense. To minimize the financial impact, we suggest a free consultation.

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