How To Make Bed Bugs Come Out Of Hiding

There are a few distinct characteristics that define the common bed bug. As most people are aware, these pests feed on human blood. This is just one example of how well Findlay residents know the bed bug. What they may not know, bed bugs are notorious hitchhikers. Using their host to travel from location to location, bed bugs can easily and quickly make their way into the victim’s home. Finally, these insects are masters at hiding in plain sight. Thanks to a visual pest inspection by one of our Findlay exterminators, you will know if your home was infiltrated by bed bugs. Data collected during the inspection is utilized to create a bed bug extermination strategy guaranteed to deliver the best outcome. Bed bugs like to settle in areas that are rarely disturbed like cracks and crevices in bed frames and wooden furniture. Unfortunately, scouring and cleaning every nook and cranny will never be enough. Given their quick wits and innate ability to hide, it’s hard to know exactly what you are dealing with. Fortunately, our bed bug experts are only a phone call away.

Don’t Know If You Are Suffering From Bed Bugs? Use These Tips To Force Them Out Of Hiding!

Nocturnal Behavior – Typically, bed bugs only come out at night, when you are most likely sleeping. That being said, bed bugs will completely change their habits to match yours. For example, if you sleep during the day, the insects will adjust their schedule, allowing them to feed while you are asleep. Nonetheless, this is when you’ll want to start your search if at all possible. You will need to mimic the bed bugs’ sleep and awake schedule to catch them in action. Initiate A Visual Inspection – Now is the ideal time to start your search. Know this is not an easy process by no means because it takes patience, time, and dedication to reach a successful ending. Before initiating the inspection, we suggest rearranging your bedroom furniture. Move the bed along with the nightstand and other furniture away from the walls and into the center of the bedroom. This is a good tactic because bed bugs travel from place to place, in an attempt to stay below the radar. = The theory behind moving the bed is so that you can catch the bed bugs in the process. To trap them, you will need to place the carbon dioxide “CO2” detectors on the right and left sides of the bed. It will be the CO2 that draws the bugs out of hiding. The human body releases CO2 naturally during the sleep cycle. The machine is able to replicate human CO2, which is what the bugs will think they are detecting. When the insects enter the adhesive traps, they will become trapped and die. Most modern bed bug traps utilize CO2 combined with a powerful adhesive. Find The Perfect Place For The CO2 Traps – The location of the CO2 traps will help determine the effectiveness of this pest control tactic. We suggest situating the traps along the right and left sides of the bed. Just make sure they far away from the wall to create the perfect starting point. When the equipment is positioned in the right place, the CO2 will draw the bugs out of hiding. However, it may not draw all of the bed bugs out of hiding, depending on the severity of the infestation. When a colony of bed bugs is utilizing the same hiding place, the CO2 may be blocked from penetrating the entire crevice. Steam The Bed Bugs Out Of Hiding – Bed bugs are also drawn to heat, which is where a floor or clothing steamer would come into play. Steamers are also a great alternative to hot water and heat from a dryer. The steamer will generate high-temperature steam that can be utilized to kill bugs in mattresses, furniture, or couches. You can even use the steam on your walls, box springs, and upholstery as well. Steam can penetrate between the layers of specific surfaces – wood, plastic, and fabric. Unfortunately, steam might not reach every inch of a bed bug’s hiding spot. Generate Heat Utilizing A Space Heater – All in all, it is heat that draws bed bugs out of hiding. Heat is usually an indication that there is a host nearby. That being said, bed bugs are quick-witted insects. Just because bed bugs can detect heat, does not mean they will always come running. They may stay a few meters away and monitor the environment after picking up the heat signal. When the coast is clear, they’ll jump on the opportunity to feed. This is exactly why the Beacon trap is an excellent option. The Beacon trap installs similarly to that of the conventional CO2 trap. The major difference is the Beacon trap generates heat instead of CO2. Slowly, the heat will draw bed bugs out of hiding. The more bugs the adhesive trap can capture, the more severe the infestation you are dealing with. Another factor that makes the Beacon trap an excellent option for bringing bed bugs out of hiding, they are refillable. Additional replacement cartridges are available, extending the service life of the trap. You can place the traps in strategic locations, let them fester for a week or two, replace the cartridges, and leave them there for another week or two. By this time, you will likely have accrued a slew of bed bugs. A Washer And Dryer Cycle – The very best way to lure bed bugs out of hiding is via heat. It is also one of the biggest killers of bed bugs. It’s a well-known fact that once bed bugs are exposed to specific amounts of heat their bodies dry up and die. They dehydrate from the inside out. This is why it is a good tactic to wash your bed linens in the hottest water possible and then drying them on the highest heat setting possible. After doing so, scour the bottom of your washer and dryer to locate bed bug carcasses.

Other Available Tools For Luring Out Bed Bugs

As the top pest management professionals in Findlay, we can tell you that we have been dealing with bed bugs and similar pests for a number of years now. Throughout these years, we have discovered several unique things. One is, it never hurts to take advantage of more than one tool at a time when luring out bed bugs. There are even some traps specifically designed to utilize several different methods of detection. Take the Surge, for example. This is a tactic that utilizes both CO2 and heat to lure bed bugs out of hiding. When the bed bug climbs into the device to feed, it’ll become trapped in the adhesive, where it will be stuck and starve to death. You can also choose to dispose of them earlier. Most of these types of detection traps come with 90-day cartridges and can lure bed bugs out of anywhere in the infected building. With the right tools at your disposal, it can be more than easy to make bed bugs come out of hiding. However, just because you draw bed bugs out, it doesn’t mean you’ll draw them all out. Usually drawing out a few bugs means that you are dealing with an infestation. Drawing out more bugs will be a bigger sign of a wider spread infestation, but there is no guarantee you’ll be able to lure every single bug in the structure out of hiding. This is where the assistance of a trained and qualified Findlay, OH pest management professional can come in handy. We offer the knowledge, tools, and technology that you need to safely and effectively lure bed bugs out of hiding. We’ll not only lure them out of hiding, but we’ll scour every potential hiding spot to make sure we have lured out every single bug.

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