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Beetles are common pests in Findlay, Ohio. These insects have two wing sets and bad eyesight. Although they’ll create problems for you and the environment, they’re helpful as well. The United States is home to more than a thousand beetle species. Each is different in terms of size and color. In our area, the most common beetles are powder post beetles, longhorn beetles, and ground beetles.

Why Beetles Invaded Your Home

Beetles usually invade homes because something has attracted them to the property around the structure. For instance, the yard might’ve been covered by old lumber, leaf piles, or firewood piles. They are also lured by bright lights. If your yard isn’t clean and tired, beetles may come to your yard and they may eventually sneak into your home.

Health Dangers & Beetles

Seeing a beetle might frighten you because they aren’t cute and cuddly. Nevertheless, most beetle species in Ohio are not physically dangerous. However, some species are incredibly destructive. Powder post beetles are bad since they can destroy wood items and structures. If the powder post beetles aren’t eradicated, they will cause severe damage to your home.

Clearing Beetles From Your Home

Isn’t it about time you got rid of the beetles on your property? Unfortunately, it will be hard to tackle the problem without hiring a professional. Therefore, we think it is best to work with a Findlay professional exterminator. Our technicians can deal with beetle infestations rapidly so don’t hesitate to contact us.

DIY Beetle Removals

Properly eradicating beetles will prove to be difficult and time-consuming. Most people will not have success when using DIY methods to remove these pests. Plus, certain pesticides are dangerous to pets and people. Therefore, trying to solve this puzzle on your own is not recommended.

Your Schedule

We’re ready to deal with your beetle infestation. We can contact you back within 24 to 48 hours.

Safe Beetle Removals

Our technicians pride themselves on delivering safe beetle removals. We never use products that could pose risks to people, plants, or pets. We want to make sure that you’re okay during each phase of the process. Therefore, we only use products registered with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Service Prices

We often offer standard prices. We do this when we can remove the pests using the standard services. As a result, we’re going to charge based on the size of your home or property. Our technician will carefully examine your situation before setting the price. Then, you’ll receive the bid price. Once you’ve agreed to our bid price, the extermination can begin.

Preventing Beetle Invasions

Beetles are determined and tricky so they’re difficult to keep out of your home. Be ready to call us so we can deal with a beetle infestation promptly.

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