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Fleas are common in the state of Ohio. Even if you’re not a dog or cat owner, there is a risk that you’re going to encounter fleas at some point. They may approach your home due to nuisance wildlife. Once they’ve arrived, finding a way to remove the fleas from your property should be a top concern. These pests can spread serious illnesses such as plague and typhus.

Which Flea Species Are In Ohio?

The world is overflowing with flea species. However, the most common species in our area is the cat flea. Many people have the misconception that this flea only attacks felines. It would be devastating to think this way because cat fleas can target many animals. These slim fleas can target skunks, foxes, opossums, raccoons, dogs, and other animals. Even if your home is free of pets, these pests may enter your home. It isn’t common, but it may happen.

Flea Bite Risks

Flea bites can lead to serious health hazards. For instance, flea bites are going to make your pet scratch. If it isn’t stopped, your dog may experience hair loss due to the frequent scratching. There is also a risk that your dog will experience flea allergy dermatitis. Large infestations will lead to higher risks. In the most severe cases, fleas can cause anemia and death. Plus, these pests can carry and transmit tapeworms.

Stopping Fleas From Invading

Trying to fix a flea infestation will prove to be difficult. Therefore, you should take steps to keep fleas out of your home and away from your pets. You won’t be able to eliminate the risk, but you can dramatically reduce it. Use the beneficial tips below to keep fleas away from your property.

  • Be cautious when adopting a pet. Make sure that the animal is free of fleas before bringing it into your home.
  • All pets in your house should be given anti-parasite medications designed to prevent fleas.
  • Mow your grass regularly. You should never let your law reach 3 inches or higher.
  • Try to keep wildlife away from your property. Never feed them since this will encourage them to return and get closer to your home.
  • Use wire or another material to prevent animals from climbing under your deck.
  • Check your pets, their clothes, and their bedding for ticks regularly.
  • Be sure to talk to a vet before giving your pet flea medications.
  • Wash your dog or cat often.
  • Vacuum your home to get rid of fleas and flea eggs.

There is always a risk that fleas are going to sneak into your home. If this happens, your dog will be miserable. Don’t let them suffer. Contact us so we can fix the issue.

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