What Tourists Need To Know About Findlay, Ohio

Are you headed to Findlay, Ohio? If so, are you truly prepared for your trip? Unfortunately, way too many travelers discover they are not prepared but at that point, it is too late for changes. To avoid any potential downfalls to your trip, you will need to do your homework in advance. One way to be prepared is by knowing the available tourist attractions. Once you know these, you will be able to devise a travel itinerary, including all of the locations that your group plan to visit during your trip. To help you create the ideal travel itinerary for your trip, a list of tourist attractions in Findlay, Ohio is provided in the article below. EZ Pest Control Findlay

Children’s Museum

The Children’s Museum at 1800 Tiffin Avenue is a must-see for adults, children, and teens. The museum features a broad range of displays, including interactive and non-interactive. You and your children are guaranteed to have a wonderful experience. In fact, it will be an experience that every member of your group will want to share with friends, family members, co-workers, and other close acquaintances.

Mazza Gallery Art Museum

The Mazza Gallery is an art museum located on North Main Street in Findlay. While the gallery’s exhibits are designed around children, the museum is very welcoming to adults and teens as well. The museum claims to promote literacy in people of all ages through picture books. If you happen to visit the museum during a live event, you and all of the members of your group can join in on the fun. Depending on when you plan to visit Findlay, you should try to schedule your visit to the museum on the day a live event is scheduled. Again, the live events cater to preschoolers, toddlers, and other young children but can be enjoyed by all age groups

Jeffrey’s Antique Gallery

Are you a fan of antique and vintage items? If so, a trip to Jeffrey’s Antique Gallery at 11326 County Road 99 should be included in your travel itinerary. The gallery features a long list of vintage items, all of which are available for purchase. If you plan on visiting the establishment, you need to be prepared to spend several hours there. It will take that long to view all of the available offerings. If you are a hardcore antique collector and/or enthusiast, you will not want to miss out on an opportunity to score a rare antique.

Northwest Ohio Railroad Preservation

For the train enthusiast in your group, the Northwest Ohio Railroad Preservation is a must-see. The facility is located at 12505 County Road 99 near Jeffrey’s Antique Gallery. Tickets are extremely affordable for both adults and children. You can browse the facility looking at the many indoor displays or take a ride on the quarter-size train. The facility is operated by volunteers who ensure every visitor a wonderful experience. This is a trip of a lifetime for anyone who is intrigued by railroads and trains.

Hancock Historical Museum

The Hancock Historical Museum at 422 West Sandusky Street is open to the public. The museum features a house that was built in 1881 by the co-founder of Findlay Artificial Gas & Light Co. If you plan on visiting the museum, it is recommended to get your tickets in advance. During the peak season, lines will form at the door about an hour before the museum opens. The volunteers and employees cater to the visitors’ needs. Kids and their parents are encouraged to participate in live events. Findlay, Ohio is home to approximately 41,400 people. While only a small city, there is plenty that you can do there during your visit.